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"After your treatment, I am more confident and am receiving many compliments for my new looks. Many thanks for the same."

-Dr. Vandana, Manipal

 Doubtlessly the most effective dental treatment that I have received both in India and abroad.”
-Mr. Dennis D’souza , Dubai.

“My wife says that my smile is now even more dazzling. Thank you Dr. Nayak for facilitating this compliment from a very valued source. .”
-Mr. Rajendran, Mangalore.

“Dr. Nayak is a unique combination of an accomplished dental professional and outstanding academician – a true example of professional excellence at its very zenith..”
- Mr. Rajesh Nayak, Muscat.

"There are very few dentists all over the world who can make a visit to a dental clinic most enjoyable, by their professional prowess. Dr. Krishna Nayak is one of those select few, who combines professional excellence with a soothing human touch. My very best wishes to him to continue to blaze on the trail of professional success for a long time to come. ".

– Dr. Uday Shetty, Mumbai.

"It is said that good teachers understand their subject and great teachers understand their students, good bankers understand finance and great bankers understand their customers, good dentists understand dentistry and great dentists understand their patients. I have no hesitation in placing Dr.Krishna Nayak in the latter category. During my travels across the world, I have had occasions to visit many Dental Clinics across various countries. I have found Nayak’s Dental Clinic and Orthodontic Center to be the best among all of them, by virtue of its ambience, design and state of the art technology. Its very look inspires comfort and confidence to any patient.
- Mr. Joe Rosario, Abu Dhabi.

"Appointment scheduling was never an issue even though we had to cancel and change left and right.  When a good portion of your clientele is school age kids with extracurricular activities, I'm sure it is a challenge to fit everyone in.  Still, this never seemed to be a problem for this office".

Mr. Anand Baliga

 My kids like him and his staff.  Maybe minor, but this was important to me.
Mrs. Carlene Fernandes

“The ambience of the office is so friendly that you feel like part of a big family.
The staff are so kind and gentle that it is a pleasure to come to the orthodontist..”
-Mr. Yakub Mohammed

“Talented, Knowledgeable, and Funny. I highly recommend him..”
- Ms. Indu Mathew

“Thank you Dr. Nayak for giving me my winning smile in great shape.”
- Divya Shetty, Mangalore

“Nice atmosphere. Friendly doctors and very positive feeling. I liked the ambience of the environment. The treatment was good and feels very happy that I went to the right place. Keep it up!”
- Vishwas Bhat, Manipal

“Excellent work. Now I can smile with confidence. Will see you soon. Thank You".
- Mrs. Anitha Rao, Mangalore

“I was impressed by the extreme professional and efficient way the clinic is run. I experienced very good dental work. Keep it up.”
- Roopashree Padival, Mangalore

“Our experience at your clinic was that it was very professional. Neat, clean, tidy and excellent treatment.”
- Preetham Hegde, Surathkal

“You are the most skillful, professional. Painstaking and solicitous dentist I have had out of many in India.”
- John D’Silva, Bangalore

“The personal care taken by Dr. Nayak himself is beyond imagination. Very hygienic, clean and pleasant surroundings.”
- Lavanya Prabhu. Mulki

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